In Venice gardens are by definition private places, extra rooms to the palazzi.Owing to the geographical limitations of the city, gardens acquire the added value of rarity and thus confer further prestige on their owners. Despite the changes of ownership and the different form that each one imposed on the garden, these silent spaces seem to have taken on a life of their own. The Venetian garden, like many another bordered and contained space, is a site for theater, grace, secrecy, and erudite or worldly conversations, as well as a place where the natural world metamorphoses into a controlled environment. Tudy Sammartini brings an intimate, affectionate, and involved awareness of the very special qualities of Venice, both in terms of its past, about which she is extremely knowledgeable, and its present. She organizes exclusive tours for small groups interested in discovering the hidden edges of this marvelous city, which inspired great part of her life. Official guide in Venice since 1969, she is author of the trilogy: Secret gardens in Venice, Floors of Venice and Bell towers in Venice.

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